Review Policy

Disclaimer- All of my reviews are honest and fair: I will not be swayed by any author or publishing company. Any books that have been sent to me by publishers or authors will clearly be stated in the appropriate review.

I am open to author interviews, hosting giveaways, blog tours and guest blogging. Please feel free to contact me at:, (or any if the social media sites to the right), to enquire about any of the above.

If you are a publisher or an author, interested in sending me a book to review- please read below.

I mostly accept young adult contemporary novels to review- however I do enjoy quite a few genres, so please contact me at:, if you would like to enquire. I do accept self published books, and also ARC's- I prefer physical copies, or e-books that can be easily downloaded onto a Kindle.

I do not accept any audio books, but I am open to PDF's- as long as they can easily be downloaded and read on a kindle.


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