Review Ratings

When deciding how much I should rate a book for a review, I use this rating system:

5/5 hoots- Phenomenal, fantastic, amazing. You NEED to read this.

4.5/5 hoots- A fabulous book, there may have been something that made me not give it 5/5, but it is still impressive.

4/5 hoots- A great, enjoyable book.

3.5/5 hoots-  This book is satisfactory, only read if you are a fan of the author.

3/5 hoots- It was ok- not a big deal if you let this book pass.

2.5/5 hoots- It wasn't great, I wouldn't recommend reading the novel.

2/5 hoots- It was bad, but not appalling- I still wouldn't recommend reading it.

1.5/5 hoots- I would highly discourage you from reading this, I got very bored throughout the book.

1/5 hoots- It was terrible, wish I hadn't bothered reading it. I couldn't actually finish the book.


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