Wednesday, 20 June 2018


TITLE: Just Don't Mention It
AUTHOR:  Estelle Maskame
RATING:  5/5
SOURCE: Sent by publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
RELEASE DATE: 21st June 2018

Estelle Maskame writes realistically and beautifully; I have found it extremely easy to get lost in her previous books. I always wonder before I read later books in a series if I won't be as enthralled in the author’s writing as I was in the first book. But 'Just Don't Mention It' definitely lived up to my expectations: Estelle’s writing is just as gorgeous and engaging as it was in the first book, ‘Did I Mention I Love You.’ I had gotten into a reading slump whilst revising for and sitting my A-Levels and ‘Juat Don’t Mention It,’ was the perfect book to get out of it after exams. Moreover, as an aspiring writer myself, Estelle is truly an inspiration to me.

The book gives the reader a detailed, raw and poignant insight into Tyler's life, exploring his childhood and relationships with previous characters further. I really loved how the chapters alternated between present time and Tyler's childhood - it worked really well. Estelle’s writing evoked so much feeling and emotion within me I was in complete awe: She definitely has a talent. I really felt for Tyler. We see a more vulnerable side to him, which I adored - it made me love his character even more. Also, it was interesting to see the central romance of the series in the perspective of Tyler; I love the way how this book comes after Eden’s perspective in the series.

I love the everything about the ‘Did I Mention’ series; the cover designs, which would look absolutely beautiful on your bookshelves; the dual perspectives, which work perfectly and Estelle's writing. The ‘Did I Mention’ triology are perfect summer reads and I would recommend another one of Estelle’s book, ‘Dare to Fall.’ I can't wait to see what Estelle does next.


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