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TITLE: Wormwood
AUTHOR:  K.E. Coles
PUBLISHER:  Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
RATING:  5/5
SOURCE: Sent by author, in exchange for an honest review.
RELEASE DATE: 23rd June 2016


‘I wore my guilt like a coat, but it was one I was used to wearing – old and worn and shabby, and it fitted me perfectly.’ 

They’re finished, aren’t they? Mesmeris. But what if they’re not? How far will you go to protect the people you love? 

Pearl has moved on with her life. She has a home, a job, a wonderful friend in Spicer, and a beautiful child – everything anyone could want. If only she could stop loving Art.

Following on from events in Infixion, Pearl is trying to move on with her life. She has everything she has ever wanted: a house, a job, a lovely friend called Spicer and her son. But when her old life starts to make appearances, and Mesmeris is still at large, and Pearl has many more things closer to her which she could lose so easily.

Not one of these books have disappointed me- especially as often the third book can turn mundane in a trilogy: this one definitely didn't. Coles has a way of enchanting her readers, so they are utterly wrapped up and engrossed in the pages.

I adore Pearl as a main character, as even though she is stood in the middle of the action- her voice is so distinct and relatable. Through little pieces of a puzzle, we really get to delve deep into Art's personality- we get to know more about him as the trilogy went on. Spicer is also another great character- I really enjoyed reading about him.

The ending of the book again didn't disappoint, it definitely didn't go out quietly for sure. Coles has such compelling and vivid writing; these books will definitely stay with you for a long time because of this.

An easy 5/5- Wormwood was absolutely stunning, with perfect central characters, a tension filled plot and phenomenal writing.

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Sunday, 21 August 2016


I like to do a summer reading recommendations post every year, as it's lovely to really get immersed into a novel whether you are on holiday or in your back garden reading. As I am writing this, it's raining outside- but that's typical British weather! Read below to read my ramblings about my favourite YA books to read in the sunshine, (or the curled up away from the rain.)

Paper Butterflies is definitely one of my favourite reads of all time- I cried so much at the end, I have never found a book that evoked that much emotion out of me. We follow the main protagonist, called June, through a few years of her life. Her mother died, and her father remarried a woman- meaning June has a stepmother and a stepsister. But June's life is a dark one, full of abuse from the both of them: and her father doesn't even realise it. She is trapped like a butterfly in a net, and escaping could cause much more damage than she realises- especially when she meets a boy in the woods called Blister, who has shed so much more light into her life. There isn't much I can say about this novel apart from the word phenomenal, get it on the top of your TBR. 

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I wouldn't normally pick up a book which is historically based, as I usually get very bored very quickly- but this one had me on the edge of my seat and laughing out loud at the same time. King Edward is very ill, with only months at the most to live. With aid from his adviser Dudley, he has no choice but to marry off his cousin Jane to a complete stranger: in hope she will produce a male heir. 

Jane is marrying a man called Gifford, who is conveniently Dudley's son- who is hiding something very big. Suddenly Edward, Jane and Gifford are thrown head first into a royal conquest: including magic, plotting horses and unrightful rulers. I really enjoyed reading My Lady Jane- I became immersed in it and read it in only a couple of sittings. It is out on the 1st of September, so look out for a full review around that time.

Did I Mention I Miss You is the third book in the DIMILY trilogy, and definitely didn't disappoint and falter out. Eden is trying so hard to move on with her life at college in Chicago- despite previous events with Tyler. She is heading home to Santa Monica for the Summer: where her life is about to get turned upside down once again. Estelle Maskame has such a distinct writing style, and once again, I read DIMIMY in two sittings, as I was totally addicted to the plot and invested in the characters. The whole trilogy is perfect to become wrapped in on a hot summers day- you will not be able to put any of the books down!

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Girl Out of Water is a hilarious book- another one to take to the beach to relax with and get in the summer mood. Lou Brown is 15 years old, and her life revolves around swimming- we meet her at a competition that will earn her a place at training camp for the Olympics. When things don't go according the plan, Lou is miserable: but when a preposition arises she didn't realise all the drama that would come with it. Nat Luurtsema really captures a teenage voice- making me root for Lou even more, and she had me laughing at every page. If you are looking for a feel good book that will lift you out of your reading slump, this is definitely the one.

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What's a Girl Gotta Do by Holly Bourne is the third book in the Spinster Club trilogy- the main protagonist featured in this one is Lottie; she has such an eccentric personality that you will instantly warm to. She is fed up of the daily sexism she encounters, so decides to document it and call it #Vagilante vlog. However, internet trolls have plenty of other ideas, and Lottie will have to overcome a lot of barriers to achieve what she wants to. Again, I want to thrust all of the Spinster Club books into every teenagers hands, as Holly Bourne just gets it- and you will become so in love with all of the characters, (especially Evie, Amber and Lottie.) This book was definitely my favourite one, and it is definitely the type of book that I can't stop reading and I really get into.

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What are your go to summer reads?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


TITLE: What's a Girl Gotta Do?
AUTHOR: Holly Bourne
PUBLISHER:  Usborne Publishing
RATING:  5/5




1. Call out anything that is unfair on one gender

2. Don't call out the same thing twice (so you can sleep and breathe)

3. Always try to keep it funny

4. Don't let anything slide. Even when you start to break...

Lottie's determined to change the world with her #Vagilante vlog. Shame the trolls have other ideas...

What's A Girl Gotta Do is the third book in Holly Bourne's trilogy- and I would never have thought it would have topped the other two books as they were so brilliant. The novel follows Lottie, who is fed up of the sexism she sees in her daily life- so decides to call out every incidence of it, and film it: calling it the #Vagilante vlog. 

Lottie is a perfect central character- you end up finishing the book loving her even more than you thought possible: I can definitely relate to her in quite a few ways. I love how Evie and Amber still have a heavy appearance in this book: it is focused on Lottie but their lives aren't forgotten. The three girls have such a strong and unique bond you can't help but want to start a Spinster Club with your friends. 

Bourne reflects how sometimes when you have very strong opinions- it is hard to hear what others have to say and actually, everyone acts differently and approaches things in your own way. I liked the Lottie's love interest, Will- I did warm to his character eventually- just as Lottie did. In the novel, you don't know which way things are going to tip- due to the nature of the situation.

Holly Bourne has an amazing and distinct writing style: she just understands everything- and executes it phenomenally. The realism of the sexist situations in the book could point out things that teenagers have never noticed before, which is exactly what we need to improve things. The plot was addictive: you just desperately want to follow Lottie's journey- and readers are so easily inspired themselves. I don't even need to say that What's a Girl Gotta Do is a 5/5 hoots- I just want to thrust the whole series in every teenager's hands, and I will be eagerly anticipating the novella in November. 

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Sunday, 14 August 2016


A few weeks ago, I went to the Lake District for a holiday- and realised how there are so many lovely places to visit around there. I wanted to do a round up blog post, telling you about some of the best places to visit, (including independent bookshops), and to show you some of the things I bought when I was over there.

Places to Visit

I went to Aria Falls in Penrith- which was amazing! The waterfall is stunning, and there are so many places you can stop and take it all in- at different heights of the waterfall. You walk around in a wooded area, and there are so many perfect places to stop to take photos. It is a lovely feeling when you are looking up at the waterfall, breathing in the fresh air, while little droplets spray your face.

Another place which is great to visit is Gummers Howe, which you can see breath taking views of Lake Windermere. You walk up the hill, and there are different places you can stop and still take in the beautiful views- but the top of the hill is the best part. After your walk up Gummers Howe, Kimi's Gelato Bar in Bowness has amazing homemade gelato in so may different flavours- I had mint chocolate chips and it was delicious. There is also a brilliant gingerbread shop in Grasmere, which sells daily homemade gingerbread- the smell that comes from the shop has people lining up!

Independent Bookshop Haul

I couldn't miss out on the independent bookshops in the lake district! The Fred Holdsworth Bookseller in Ambleside stocked so many good books, and I was very impressed with the YA section. There was a lovely chair in amongst the shelves that you could sit and and make the difficult decision of what books you were going to buy. 

I bought 'Book of Lies' by Teri Terry and a books are my bag canvas bag from this little bookshop.

While in Grasmere, I stopped in the Sam Read Bookseller shop. They had such a wide selection of books, and their young adult section was extensive- which definitely pleased me. I could have sent all day in here, it was a book lovers heaven. While in this bookshop, I bought three penguin classics: The Night is Darkening Round Me, Is this a dagger which I see before me and Lady Susan. I also bought Read Me Like a Book by Liz Kessler, which I have heard so many good things about!

Independent Bookshops and Haul

Have you visited The Lake District before?

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


TITLE: Everything Everything
AUTHOR: Nicola Yoon
PUBLISHER:  Corgi Childrens 
RATING:  5/5


Madeline Whittier is allergic to the outside world. So allergic, in fact, that she has never left the house in all of her seventeen years. But when Olly moves in next door, and wants to talk to Maddie, tiny holes start to appear in the protective bubble her mother has built around her. Olly writes his IM address on a piece of paper, shows it at her window, and suddenly, a door opens. But does Maddie dare to step outside her comfort zone?

Everything, Everything is about the thrill and heartbreak that happens when we break out of our shell to do crazy, sometimes death-defying things for love.

Madeline Whitter is eighteen years old, and hasn't left her house. Leaving her house could result in her death, as she has SCID. She needs close monitoring, by her nurse called Carla and her Mother, who is a doctor. 

But when Olly moves in next door, and starts to open Maddy to all of the possibilities in the world that she's never experienced- freedom is just a touch away. But what consequences will this freedom have?

As an avid reader, you always have books that you liked or loved: or ones that you couldn't take your eyes off. 'Everything Everything' fits right into that category. I flew through this in two days while on holiday, so it is the perfect summer read. 

You really start to build up a close connection with Madeline, Yoon writes so perfectly and realistically that Maddy starts to feel real- and you start to know her on a personal level. This is the first book of Yoon's I have read, and I already want more. Her writing style is so colourful and vibrant that you can't help but become utterly enraptured and locked into the pages. 

Olly is also another brilliant character, he could have his own book- I want to find out more about his background. The two main characters meet, and you can see how they have even more things you don't know about them; they can expand out into more and more books. I liked the way their relationship was presented, especially though emails: and I adored reading when they met for the first time- my heart just wanted to explode.

The plot was outstanding, a delicate, intricate web that had been weaved into perfection. Fast, bewitching and leaving you with a taste for more; it will have you gasping at every turn of the page. I think you can guess that I rate this book 5/5: I fell in love and will be recommending it for a long time to come.  I can't wait to read Nicola's next book The Sun is also a Star, which is released in November.
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